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·Yuhuatai Scenic Area: democratic revolution sacred of China  ·Linxi grassland, Chifeng City  ·Seychelles: dreamlike and beautiful tropical paradise  ·Berne Scenery in Switzerland  ·The Ruins of Jiaohe Ancient City  ·Morning of the World: Bali, one of Asia's gems  ·Taiwanese customs: during the Songkran Dragon Boat Festival at Sea  ·Kunming Dongchuan Red Land  ·Nature's gift:Sanya  ·Dujiangyan Irrigation Project: the oldest and only surviving no-dam irrigation system in the world  ·The mysterious restricted lives: Lop Nur (Luobupo area), Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region  ·Xiapu Beach Of Fujian Province  ·Yangshuo West Street, Guangxi  ·Norwegian fjords: the best unspoiled travel destination in the world  ·Lotus style: growth in the sludge but very clean  
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