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·Peony: flower of the King  ·The Museum of Qingzhao in Jinan, Shandong Province  ·Yuhuatai Scenic Area: democratic revolution sacred of China  ·Ruins Of the Old Summer Palace  ·Temple of Nakhon Pathom, Thailand  ·Weihai scenery, Shandong  ·Lu Xun Museum: China's first  ·solidified the moment: the history of the old photographs about China  ·Taishan Mountain  ·Hulunbuir Prairie: purest land in China  ·Guilin's scenery with hills and waters  ·Jiayuguan Great Wall: Ming Dynasty First Pier  ·Huguo Yanshou Temple of Shenyang, Liaoning Province  ·The ancient Hantai: Liu Bang's palace of Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province  ·Yuanyang Rice Terrace  
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