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Vladivostok seaport: a dazzling pearl in Russian Far East
CCNPIC  By David·Celine

Vladivostok is the major city in the Russian Far East, and serves as the eastern terminus of the Trans-Siberian Railway. It is  industrial, transport, scientific and cultural center and the biggest  ocean port of Russia on the pacific coast. It also is the home of the Russian Pacific Fleet, and as such was off-limits to foreigners and Russians alike until 1992, although it is now open to tourism.

002-0813 俄罗斯海参崴城市风光

ID:002-0813 Vladivostok seaport  Picture


002-0779 太平洋远东导弹驱逐舰(俄罗斯海参崴军港)

ID:002-0779 Vladivostok seaport  Picture

Vladivostok provides you with all major ways of transportation, it is the terminus of Trans-Siberian Railroad, the longest railroad in the world;  Vladivosostok -Khabarovsk highway, and the most extended air-route of Russia.


The status of the major seaport in the Russian Far East predestined for Vladivostok the role of a cultural center. Construction of the Trans-Siberian Railroad added a lot to the progress of social and cultural activity in the city and in the region at large. Vladivostok has Chamber and Drama Theatres, Puppet Show, Philharmonic Society, Circus, and Picture Galleries. The Russian Geographic Society established its branch in Vladivostok about a century ago. Multiple museums functioning here have collected precious historical items and heritage exhibits, the most abundant and interesting collections are displayed by the Museum of Regional Lore, History and  Economics named after V.K. Arsenyev, Pacific Fleet History Museum, Museum of Fishery and Oceanography, Aquarium. The Marine Preserve in the vicinity of Vladivostok is a Natural Museum of Local Sea-Life.

002-0800 海参崴军港风光

ID:002-0800 Vladivostok seaport  Picture


002-0784 俄罗斯海参崴风光

ID:002-0784 Vladivostok seaport  Picture


Streets and buildings of the city account over 200 memorials. Combination of old and modern architecture reflects the history of Vladivostok. In the downtown the buildings of XIX-early XX centuries stand next to the ones from 1970s. Several old buildings are protected as a woodwork architecture heritage of late XIX century. Under intensive town planning the city preserves its historical appearance, individual buildings, and even streets are protected as historical memorial.

004-0111 俄罗斯海参崴市政广场雕塑

ID:004-0111 Vladivostok seaport  Picture


However, the real wealth of the city is its people, their heroic achievements in war and peaceful times are marked by federal awards and memorial tributes. (CCNPIC David·Celine)

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